Another 2000 headstones laid flat in Scotland

The Scotsman online news reports that officials that as Morningside Cemetery (Edinburgh) one in three headstones was found to be unsafe. As a consequence more than 2000 headstones have been laid flat by council workers.

The council (Edinburgh City Council), which has put up warning notices alerting visitors that some are loose enough to be pushed over even when touched lightly, has almost completed work to make the dangerous gravestones safe.

The authority had locked the gates at night and insisted grieving relatives be escorted to graves after initial analysis uncovered disturbing evidence of a “major health and safety risk” affecting one in three headstones.

It was announced today that the graveyard, which has around 6000 tombstones, was expected to open fully to the public again a week today.

The authority will be repeating a public consultation exercise introduced for the Morningside programme in the wake of widespread controversy over the handling of checks on graveyards elsewhere in the city. It launched the practice amid fears that a gravestone could topple over and kill a child following incidents elsewhere the UK.