Cemetery lost body, says family (US)

News from BRIDGEPORT, Conn. says a Shelton family has filed a lawsuit against the Diocese of Bridgeport, claiming their mother’s body was placed in the wrong grave and is now lost. The Marron family accuses the diocese of moving the headstone on Jeanne Marron’s grave to cover up the mistake.

Jeanne Marron died on June 27, 1989, at age 59 after a fight with cancer. According to the lawsuit, her body was put in the plot of Donna DeRosa, who had died around the same time, and DeRosa’s body was put in Marron’s plot. The suit then claims the cemetery put Marron’s grave marker over the DeRosa-owned plot. But in August 2001, a friend told the family that the marker had been moved and there was a new grave in its place. 

The family says it asked the diocese to open the Marron grave to make sure the body was there. The casket was found. But when the DeRosa plot was opened, the suit states, there was only a faded pleated dress inside the casket, and no evidence of papers and photographs that had been buried with Jeanne Marron.

A spokesman for the Diocese of Bridgeport said the funeral director for the Marron’s burial opened the casket in the presence of the family last year and identified her remains in the grave where the monument was originally positioned.

He said cemetery records indicated in 2001 that the Marron monument might have been positioned on the wrong grave. He said it had not been placed by employees of St. John’s Cemetery. The monument was moved to the adjoining plot, which didn’t have a headstone, he said.