What is the Public Cemeteries Information Network and how did it get here?

A few years ago a bunch of New South Wales, Australia, local government cemetery administrators expressed a concern that the mainstream associations weren’t meeting their needs for information and advice.

Out of that discussion came the “Local Government Cemeteries Information Group”. It was entirely internet based, there were no fees, no secrecy. The group battled on for some time, surviving on server space wherever it could beg, borrow or steal it.

But things just got too busy.

So the LGCIG became the “Public Cemeteries Information Network” (PCIN)

Still internet based, still no fees, still no secrecy, definitely no elitism and still committed to sharing information and helping colleagues and friends, but now on a broader, perhaps even world wide basis, rather than a local New South Wales one.

What are the PCIN Objectives?

Suggested objectives for the PCIN are not to be too boring
Not to be too macabre.
To maintain the dignity of human funeral rite.
To gather and disseminate information about the control, administration and operation of public cemeteries & crematoria.
Try to assist individual subscriber with their specific cemetery related problems and issue resolutions.
To promote the public sector’s role in the administration, care and preservation of cemeteries, crematoria and memorial gardens to
the community.
The relevant regulators of the Industry.
The relevant heritage organizations.
Industry equipment & material suppliers.
Promote cemetery information and practice in the interest of the common good.

Can I be a member of the PCIN?

While it isn’t necessary, we’d like you to subscribe to our website. Sorry, you don’t get any bonus points and won’t win any prizes. But it makes those of us who run this web site feel its all worth while every time there’s a new subscriber.

No ifs, no buts. The information you provide when you register is kept private. It is NOT shared with anyone!

Is there a PCIN Newsletter?

From time to time we e-mail a news letter. It contains a summary of additions, changes etc that have occurred at the Public Cemeteries Information Network.
Newsletter subscription is separate from subscribing to the Public Cemeteries Information Network. – in other words, if you want the news letter, you need to subscribe to it!

What are Forums?

Forums are on line discussion groups where you can post messages and others can comment and reply.

Forums should not be used to post news articles. Forums are more suited to expressing opinions, making a comment or discussions.

Use the forums to broadcast information that may be useful to others,
ask questions.

Note that to post messages to forums you need to be subscribed to the Network.

Forum messages can be read by all visitors to the website, so you’ll appreciate that we need to moderate what is posted. But generally you’ll find us broadminded and possessing a good sense of humour.

If you do have something contentious or sensitive to raise you should consider the private forum.
What about private forums?
Private forums can be read by accredited subscribers only.
Unlike the general forums, visitors and non-accredited subscribers cannot read or post to private forums.

Access Guidelines

You need to be working for a public cemetery or relevant government authority to have access to the private forum.
Special circumstances applications will be considered.

Gaining Access to the private forums

If you are known to the webmaster or moderators of the Network, and provided you fit the ‘Guidelines’, you’ll be given private forum access when you subscribe to the Network
A subscriber who has access to the private forums can nominate another subscriber for private forum access – nominations should be e-mailed to the webmaster
Any subscriber can email the webmaster and request access to the private forum. However, to be granted access your request must satisfy the “Access Guidelines”